Container Freight Station

Container Freight Station

Our state-of-the-art, strategically located Container Freight Stations (CFS)  are designed to give you supply chain solutions that are lean and agile. The technological and infrastructural edge of Sical translates to offering container freight logistics on the same footing as international standards.

Single Window for Complete Solutions

Throughout the last decade Sical Distriparks Ltd has consistently emerged as a market leader in CFS in the East Coast of India. Sical has CFS facilities at Chennai, Tuticorin and Vizag with a handling capacity of more than 1.5 million TEUs. These CFSs are spread on land area of 700,000 sq m. By way of infrastructure they are equipped with well developed container yards, modern warehouses and latest equipments. As reinforcement to this is Sical’s well coordinated network of intermodal transport system.

Sical Methodology

Sical has been able to set a high benchmark of quality in this industry. In order to ensure the operations are smooth for unhindered movement of containers, Sical has instituted clearly defined procedures, systems and standard processes for handling cargo, freight forwarding and warehousing along with efficient and optimum use of equipments.

Sical Edge

  • Sical owns all the equipments used at their facilities
  • Zero dependency on third parties and increased productivity
  • IT enabled systems for online capturing of data
  • Tracking of containers for enhanced logistics management
  • Scientifically planned warehouses for greater efficacy
  • Real time perspective to customer through process mapping

Storage Solutions

Sical aggregates cargo and ensures safe transport and delivery to its end customers. For storing dutiable cargo there are secure bonded warehouses and for storage, packing and shipping operations open warehouses are used.

LCL Shipment

LCL or less than container load refers to shipment that cannot fill a standard container. It involves consolidation of cargo from different shippers routed to different destinations. Sical takes over the complete process of handling, stuffing and destuffing and palletized if needed.

Import and Export

While import and export operations not only require customs clearance they also involve plenty of documentation work. Sical has wisely computerized the entire process to make it hassle free for itself and the customer.

Hazmat Handling

Cargo can be of various types including hazardous. Sical understands the care and diligence required to handle hazmat cargo and deals with it appropriately.

Reefer Monitoring Service

Some cargo may be temperature sensitive and require reefer containers. Sical ensures that the required temperature is constantly monitored and maintained during transit.

Specialized Cargo

Some special cargo requires extra care to prevent any damage to it. Sical adopts different security methods like crisscross lashing to secure the container stack or block. Belts and buckles are also used for choking the cargo in the container. Palletizing machines are also used to stack containers on stable structures called pallets.

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