Coffee Day group is an Indian business conglomerate with interests ranging from:
[hm_features style=”slider” image=”7863″][hm_feature icon=”ico-mug” title=”Retail”] Distribution of Coffee in Various Formats[/hm_feature][hm_feature icon=”ico-info3″ title=”IT”]Technology Parks ( SEZ & STPI )[/hm_feature][hm_feature icon=”ico-office” title=”Financial Services”]Retail focused investment advisory company[/hm_feature][hm_feature icon=”ico-android” title=”Software”]Investments in Technology & Software Companies[/hm_feature][hm_feature icon=”ico-spoon-knife” title=”Luxury Resorts”]Operating high end resorts under the name, “The Serai Resorts” [/hm_feature][hm_feature icon=”ico-anchor5″ title=”Logistics”]Port, Rail, Road & Offshore Services[/hm_feature][/hm_features]
Coffee Day Group acquired Sical in September, 2011.

Sical Logistics Ltd. is an integrated logistics solution provider for bulk and containerized cargo in India. It is the single point for end to end supply chain needs across businesses.

Coffee Day Group’s vision is to transform Sical into a high performance organization, with specific focus on delivering value to the customer.