About Sical

Corporate Profile

Sical Logistics Ltd., founded in 1955 and with revenues in excess of Rs. 800 Cr., is India’s leading integrated logistics solutions provider with over 5 decades of experience in providing end to end logistics solutions. In 2011 Sical was acquired by  Coffee Day group, with interests ranging from coffee Retail Business, stakeholdings in leading IT and embedded technology companies, to technology parks and SEZs  and hospitality.

While traditionally known for its stevedoring, customs handling, trucking and steamer agency businesses, Sical today has made significant investments in logistics related infrastructure and operates mechanized Port terminals (container and bulk), container freight stations, container rakes, rail and road terminals. In addition to above Sical also provides offshore support services to the oil and gas industry and owns and operates a 2006 built cutter suction dredger.

At Sical every aspect of logistics namely port handling, road and rail transport, warehousing, shipping etc.  are combined as an integrated logistics solutions and tailored to meet individual client needs. This is aided by investments in infrastructure, equipments and handling facilities to provide Cargo handling efficiency.

Sical also offers custom made and cost effective solutions depending on specific needs enhancing flexibility, safety and reliability norms. Handling more than 25 million tons of bulk and over 0.5 million TEUS of container cargo annually. Sical is one of the few ‘Made in India’ organizations with a strong network having independent operations countrywide.

The success mantra is based on creating right process, investing in right infrastructure, recruiting and nourishing capability of employees, constant training and business ethics. The domain leadership is derived from the singular aspect of total in-house infrastructure enabling cost optimization benefiting the patrons directly.

Sical believes in providing Quality service, effective pricing and global networks.