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Stevedoring at Major Ports

Stevedoring at Major Ports

Stevedoring at Major Ports

As a company licensed to offer stevedoring solutions, Sical takes care of all the cargo handling operations at its ports. Stevedoring forms an integral part of the entire process of loading and unloading of ships. The process requires a good understanding of the workings of the equipments, handling of materials, strong manpower etc.

Cargo Handling

Sical has the expertise to handle cargos like dry bulk, break bulk, containerized, project or over dimensional cargo. Sical has an established stevedoring presence in all major ports of India. At ports like Chennai and Tuticorin, Sical’s stevedoring accounts for more than 50% of the total market share that speaks on the trust clients have on Sical’s stevedoring capabilities.

Mechanical Power

For the purpose of stevedoring always stationed at its ports are heavy duty cranes, forklifts of different capacities, RoRo ships or vessels, trailers, lifting beams and bars for project cargoes and other specialized equipments. Sical owns and operates high discharge rate evacuators and grabs and advanced systems for mechanical loading/unloading of dry bulk cargoes efficiently at anchorage contributing to faster vessel turn-around time.

The infrastructural strength and capabilities of Sical’s Ennore coal terminal is designed for optimum performance and consequently increased output.

Key Ports for Stevedoring

Highest Tonnage Handled (Year Ended March 2012)
Chennai Coal/Limestone/Dolomite 3.88 MTPA
Ennore Thermal coal 9.46 MTPA
Tuticorin Thermal coal/Steam coal 6.17 MTPA
Visakhapatnam Iron ore lumps/fines 2.63 MTPA
Mangalore Steam coal 0.30 MTPA

The Process Flow

The company takes care of the entire cycle of operations that involves receiving of cargo, documentation, stevedoring, warehousing and final delivery at destination. Sical owns and operates world class evacuators and grabs helping it achieve high discharge rates. Clarity in understanding of the needs and operations of stevedoring has helped Sical in designing advanced systems for the mechanical process of stevedoring of cargoes especially dry bulk at the place of anchorage. This in turn has capacitated Sical to efficiently and effortlessly handle large volumes of cargo. Also, the presence of robust infrastructure and ‘state of the art’ equipment at anchorage has been conducive for swift unloading of large capacity vessels reducing vessel turnaround time.

Our solutions

  • Round the clock operations at the ports
  • 24 x 7, 360o operational support to its customers
  • Well-equipped warehouses
  • Private warehouse facility
  • Safe and secure storage of cargo


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