Sical is a leading logistics company with a strong presence in the Indian subcontinent and complete in-house infrastructure. Sical is capable of seamlessly moving millions of tons to number of locations with zero error. To optimize control and minimize costs Sical logistics is well designed and is adequately supported with port, road and rail frameworks.

Leveraging Expertise

Sical offers its valuable solutions and expertise to wide range of diverse industries like Steel, Infrastructure, Building & Construction, Shipping, Import & Export, Chemical and Fertilizer industry. Logistic solutions are custom made to suit specific client needs.

Dry Bulk

Sical handles all commodities with caution and care. Movement of heavy dry bulk requires it to be highly regulated as the commodity is not packed and spillage can raise environmental concerns. Sical handles the following:

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Liquid Bulk

Sical owns a fleet of tank containers for transportation of liquid bulk varying from petrol to diesel.

Steel Material

Inland transportation of steel material like HR coils, CR coils, Slabs, Billets, Pig Iron, Wires and Plates from source to destination is well coordinated. We also handle metals like copper anode and aluminium ingots.



Sical has strong presence at all major and intermediate ports in India. The ports infrastructure, stevedoring and fleet of trucks equipped with tracking facilities aids in smooth movement of ores like:

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Over Dimensional Cargo

Sical handles safe and secure transportation of over dimensional cargo of varying sizes and shapes with ease in specially designed vehicles. Plant and machinery, heavy duty handling equipment, project cargo, transformers and generators are moved to their destinations without hiccups during transit.

Containerized Cargo

Sical owned containers are also used in the movement of cargo. Packaged goods like Fertilizers, Cement, Sugar, Food items, FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Tubes and Computers are containerized. Lashing, choking and palletizing are used to secure the cargo to prevent any damage.